Which breed is for you?

Although the most common dogs at a shelters are mongrels, you can often find a certain breed, if your heart is set on one. But before you take home a purebred, it's prudent to learn about particular genetic traits the breed possesses. Hardly any terrier can resist chasing a squirrel, and many will pursue another dog too. Scent hounds, such as beagles and dachshunds, typically bark a lot because they were bred to alert hunters. Are you prepared for a retriever who begs you to throw a ball 50 times? If you want to scare burglars, a Doberman or a Rottweiler might do the trick, not because they are necessarily aggressive, but because most thieves think they are. They can, however, make friends and neighbours fearful as well.

Establish a quiet, out-of-the-way place for your new pet and set boundaries for interaction. Your children should not have free access to the new pet’s area.

Time they spend together should be supervised at all times and limited, especially during the first few weeks. Once the children and pet are comfortable around each other invent games to play together, such as fetching a ball or chasing a feather, so that the children learn boundaries around how to play with a pet, and do not become too rough.

During this playtime your children and your pet will develop a special bond that will last a lifetime, and seeing them play together will bring you so much joy.

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