15 ways to keep your dog happy

When your dog is happy, you’re happy too. As well as feeding your dog high quality food that they’ll love, there are lots of other things you can do to make daily life extra enjoyable for your best friend.



 From grooming to dog-proofing, here are 15 ways to ensure your dog is happy, healthy and safe.

  1. Groom often. Regular brushing doesn't just keep your dog looking their best; it also helps prevent skin problems and helps to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.
  2. Feed them well. Food is a big part of your dog’s life! A high-quality food that your dog can enjoys eating will help to keep them healthy and happy.
  3. Banish fleas. These pesky insects can make life tricky for your dog, plus they can cause allergies. Ask your vet for treatment recommendations to keep them content and critter-free.
  4. Play each day. One of the great joys of having a dog is that they’re always pleased to see you, no matter how bad your day has been. Take the time to play; it will strengthen your friendship and make you both feel better.
  5. Keep their water fresh. Plenty of fresh water is vital to your dog's good health, so keep the water dish full and change it every day.
  6. Take a trip. Whether it's a drive out to the country or a quick jaunt to the park down the road, your dog will love the change of scenery.
  7. Don't play doctor. Unless you're a vet, don't try to treat your dog's ailments yourself. Medicines meant for humans can be bad for dogs. Your vet can provide appropriate remedies and advise you on keeping a canine first-aid kit handy.
  8. Dog-proof your home. Take a dog's view and look for possible hazards your house might pose. Do you see a dangling electrical cord? An inviting, open cupboard full of cleaning supplies? Sharp tools in plain view? Put away anything that could harm a curious pet.
  9. Walk, walk, walk. Regular exercise is absolutely essential for dogs, so make time for some good, long walks – it’s beneficial for both of you! You could even get you dog a special tracking collar so you can count their steps along with your own.
  10. Keep them in shape. A slim, trim dog is a happy dog, so say no to table scraps and yes to exercise. If your dog needs to watch their weight, try feeding IAMS Light in Fat. It helps burn fat while maintaining muscle mass. Always ask your vet first.
  11. Clip those nails. When your dog’s nails get too long, they could cause discomfort. Ask your vet to teach you the tricks of trimming.
  12. Check your dog’s toys. Take a look at the toys your dog treasures. Are they safe and durable? Replace them regularly and provide new ones to keep lots of variety in your dog’s playtime.
  13. Let them sniff. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell which helps them discover new facts about their world. Take your dog to a park, an open field, or your favourite walking trail and let them sniff all the new scents.
  14. Fetch! Head out to the garden to throw around a rubber ball or teach your dog to catch a Frisbee. It’s great exercise and your dog will have so much fun.
  15. Try to understand your dog’s language. Your dog can't tell you how they are feeling, so try to learn to read dog body language. A low-hanging tail can mean fear or anxiety. A wagging tail means your dog is happy and content. 

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