A constant companion

Cats make the perfect companion. They are affectionate and playful without being too reliant on you. They don’t need to be taken on long walks to keep up their exercise. Just make sure they’ve got enough food and water, comfortable places to sleep, access to an outside area if possible, or clean and comfortable litter trays and their everyday needs will be met. Your cat will reward you with purring and cuddles when you stroke their soft fur.

Time to de-stress

Pets can have a very calming effect in their owners’ lives, spending time with your cat can even lower your blood pressure. And if that's not enough reason, pets also provide you with lots of affection, they won't judge you, and they thrive on human contact. It's no wonder that pet owners feel so good!

Playing with your cat

Even though cats don't need walks, you can still get in some exercise with them. Try pointing a laser pointer around the room and watch as your cat elatedly tries to catch the light. Or run around the garden with a feather tied to the end of a string and have fun with your cat as they run around after you.

Cats don’t tend to get bored with their toys, so there’s always plenty of opportunity for playtime. It’ll be good for you both and it will help to strengthen your relationship.

Keeping allergies at bay

As well as the fact that your children with love to play with your cat and they will provide an excellent companion, studies have shown that children who grow up with pets may be less likely to develop conditions such as asthma and allergies.

One study found that children who were exposed to an indoor pet in the first year were far less likely to develop sensitivities than those who had no pets, so that’s a great reason to give your feline friend a bit of extra love.

Always make sure that your children understand how to play safely with pets, and make sure you supervise any playtime as behaviour in both children and pets can be unpredictable and change suddenly. Check out our top tips on how to introduce your children to pets.

Feel better

Pet owners also tend to be healthier, and go to the doctor less often than non-pet owners. There are even rehab facilities and hospitals with "therapy cats", because sick people with cats around them feel more connected, and even heal faster.

It's safe to say that having a pet as a part of your family can be as good for you as is it for them.

*Does early exposure to cat or dog protect against later allergy development? HESSELMAR, ABERG, ERIKSSON, BJORKSTEN, Hesselmar Department of Paediatrics, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, 416 85 Göteborg, Sweden, 2001

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