Why is your cat hiding from you?

As a cat owner, you've probably found your cat hiding in some of the strangest places. From behind the sofa to the bottom of the laundry basket, many cats seem to enjoy getting into tight spots. But what is it about cats that cause them to climb into the strangest places?

Why the drive to hide?

It can be tricky for us to understand why cats hide in this way, but whether your cat prefers the dark seclusion under the bed or the highest point they can possibly reach, it’s important to respect their instinctive need for some alone space.

It's been a long day

Have you ever had one of those days when something bad or stressful happens? That feeling you get where you just want to curl into a ball under a blanket - well your cat gets that too. Cats interpret the world in very interesting ways. And nobody would blame a cat for feeling stressed after getting chased by a dog or a confrontation with the cat next door.

In these types of situations, your cat may just want to disappear for a little while. The more secluded, the better.

Not the life of the party

Each cat’s personality is unique – that’s why we love them. Some cats are naturally shy, and take a while to warm up to new people and experiences. If you have a cat that's not a natural social butterfly, just the simple act of having people over for dinner can be quite traumatic, especially if there are small children around who may not know proper cat handling etiquette.

In these types of situations, it may be best just to keep your cat safe in a bedroom, since they’d probably end up there anyway. At least this way it won't be because of a tail pull from a three year old, or too much noise at the dinner table.

Many reasons to hide

Simply put, hiding is a feline instinct. Here are a few more reasons that cats turn invisible:

  • Eye spy. Cats love keeping an eye on you and the rest of their domain. Finding a nice, secluded perch where they can see but not be seen is a cat favourite.

  • On the hunt. Getting hidden is how cats begin their hunt. If you see your cat appear out of nowhere in a stalking pose, it’s likely they were hiding somewhere before they got the drop on their prey.

  • Hide and seek. Hiding can also be a fun way to play. Those sneak attacks of batting your leg when you walk by are your cat’s way of telling you they’re ready to play.

  • A safe sleeping spot. Sometimes being alone is just a way to relax or get some undisturbed sleep. Finding an isolated hiding spot makes sure that alone time is less likely to be broken.

Hiding is all a part of your cat’s lovable nature. So the next time you find your cat in a strange place, just give them the space and time they need – they’re just being a cat.

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