7 signs of a healthy dog

Here at IAMS, we believe there are 7 signs of healthy vitality that keep your dog happy and active. Our tasty recipes have been specially designed to care for your dog through expert nutrition that they will enjoy.

Strong Muscles

We love to see our dogs full of life when running to catch their ball, so it’s vital to keep their muscles strong and supple, helping their true personality shine through. Like us, dogs need the right mix of nutrients to keep them strong and lean. 

This is especially important for puppies, who need the best nutrition for their growing muscles. Senior dogs also need extra help to keep them active later in life. 

The quality protein and essential minerals that we pack into IAMS foods not only taste great but also help your dog’s muscles to grow and repair. This helps to lower the risk of injury and improve muscle tone and strength, so your dog can jump and chase for even longer on your daily walks.

Healthy joints

Your dog’s joints rely on a healthy, balanced diet to help keep them working properly while protecting their bones from impact. Senior dogs in particular need a little bit of extra help looking after their bones and joints as, just like with us, their joints can suffer from a few problems later in life. 

That’s why all IAMS foods are packed with high quality animal protein and vitamin D to help protect their bones and joins, so you can enjoy watching them leap and bound, full of healthy vitality. Our recipes are all carefully tailored to your dog’s life stage so that you can be sure your dog is getting all the nutrition they need.

Healthy skin and coat

Whether your dog’s coat is soft or wiry, the right care can help to keep them in good condition. 

The right mix of nutrients is vital to help keep your dog’s skin supple and fur healthy. Your dog’s skin is a network of cells that prevents bacteria and other nasties from entering their bodies. Their fur helps them to regulate temperature, especially when it’s cold, and helps protect the skin when they bound through the garden after their ball! 

The balance of nutrients in IAMS food help to keep your dog’s skin and coat well conditioned and healthy. Protein and Vitamin E can help to keep their skin supple, while minerals and Omega 6 & 3 keep their coat looking and feeling great when you have your morning cuddles.

Healthy heart

A healthy heart starts with a well-balanced diet. Providing your dog with the right nutrients will help to keep their hearts strong and resilient. Dogs need meat in their diet to give them essential protein and amino acids such as taurine - an important nutrient that nourishes the heart, helping them to stay playful and full of personality. 

IAMS contains high levels of animal protein, a natural source of taurine. So, you can be happy in the knowledge that your dog’s heart is being nourished so you can feel their love each end every day.

Robust Immune System

A robust immune system is important for healthy vitality and can help to keep your dog’s tail wagging. Dogs are curious by nature, so it’s no wonder they end up running through puddles, hedges and lots and lots of mud. 

With daily exposure to lots of bacteria and viruses, your dog’s immune system needs to be tough enough to protect them against disease and illness. The quality antioxidant blend in IAMS food, like vitamin E & C, can help your dog protect themselves against infection and disease. 

With IAMS, you can enjoy watching your dog bound through the fields, without worrying what they might pick up.

Healthy Digestion

Dogs seem to have an endless appetite and will eat pretty much anything we put in front of them.  Providing them with the right nutrition is vital to keep them healthy. They may give us those big puppy eyes when we eat our dinner, but scraps of food aren’t good for them and can cause discomfort.  

Thanks to IAMS you’ll be able to appreciate their digestive health when you clear up after them with our tailored fibre blend of Prebiotics and beet pulp for healthy digestion.

Strong healthy teeth

Your dog’s teeth are constantly on the go, especially when they are chomping through their food or gnawing their favourite toy. 

With IAMS, hear them crunch through our tasty kibble that has tailored levels of teeth-cleaning minerals in every bite. You can rest assured that this will be keeping their teeth strong and healthy.

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