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Our variety-rich cat food that combines high levels of animal protein with a great taste

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IAMS Delights wet cat food - Our complete & balanced nutrition for cats

Our tasty IAMS Delights wet food recipes help to strengthen your cat's immune system, maintain a healthy body weight, help build-up muscle mass, and promote healthy digestion. All our wet foods combine cats' favourite ingredients while providing them with all the nutrients they need for a healthy well-being.

Recipes with premium ingredients and a high share of animal protein

The IAMS Delights recipes are geared towards the natural nutritional needs of cats of all ages by utilising high-quality ingredients. For an optimal nutrition and an irresistible taste, all IAMS Delights wet foods have a high share of animal protein. The complete recipes in this product range consist of a balanced mix of animal protein with vegetables as well as many valuable vitamins and minerals.

The perfect wet cat food for every life stage!

IAMS Delights is our 100% complete and balanced premium wet food in a variety of delicious flavours and textures for cats of all ages. The recipes in this range are made with high-quality ingredients and are a real delight for every stage of a cat's life. Our IAMS Delights wet foods are available for kitten, adult and senior cats and offer every whiskered friend a lifelong taste experience. The different wet food varieties are available in pouches as well as in convenient multipacks or special collections with a variety of delicious flavours.

Frequently asked questions

The IAMS Delights wet food range comes in a variety of flavours. Following flavours are available as single pouches the adult cats: Tuna and Herring in Jelly, Turkey and Duck in Jelly, Beef and Carrots in Jelly, Chicken and Turkey in Gravy. An even larger variety offer the multipacks Sea Collection and Land and Sea Collection. Both multipacks are available in jelly as well as in gravy and include additional tastes that are not sold as single pouches. Additionally, there is also a Land collection in gravy. 

For senior cats you have the choice between the single pouches Chicken in Jelly, Chicken in Gravy and Tuna and Herring in Gravy. Furthermore, also for senior cats a multi pack Land and Sea Collection in Gravy is offered.

For kittens the tastes Chicken in Jelly and Chicken in Gravy are available. 

All single pouches of IAMS Delights have a content of 85g. The multi packs contain 12, or in case of Land and Sea Collection for adult cats also 48 or 72 pouches with different flavours of 85g each.

In addition to the single pouches, IAMS Delights are also available as multi packs for adult and senior cats. The multi packs for adult cats offer an even larger variety of tastes as these packs contain food flavours that are not available as single packs. 

For adult cats, following multi packs are available including the listed flavours:

  • Land Collection in Gravy: with Chicken and Turkey, with Lamb & Red Pepper, with Beef & Liver
  • Sea Collection in Gravy: with Tuna & Peas, with Salmon & Cod, with Ocean Fish & Green Beans, with Mackerel & Trout
  • Land & Sea Collection in Gravy: with Chicken & Turkey, with Lamb & Red Pepper, with Tuna & Peas, with Salmon & Cod
  • Sea Collection in Jelly: with Tuna & Herring, with Salmon & Trout, with Mackerel & Green Beans, with Ocean Fish & Peas
  • Land & Sea Collection in Jelly: with Turkey & Duck, with Lamb & Liver, with Tuna & Herring, with Salmon & Trout

The multi pack for senior cats, Land & Sea Collection in Gravy, contains the flavours with Chicken and with Tuna & Herring.

The difference between jelly and gravy lies in the different texture. While gravy is rather liquid, jelly has a more solid consistency. The ingredients for the recipes of jelly and gravy are similar. Depending on your cat's individual preference, you can feed it either jelly or gravy food or alternate between the two.