About us

For over 75 years, IAMS has been committed to providing a feeding concept aligned with the natural needs of pets. With tailored recipes based on high animal protein content, we prioritize essential amino acids to meet cats' and dogs' nutritional requirements. Our expertise and collaboration with veterinarians ensure that our recipes, which always feature a high share of animal protein, support muscle development, skin health, and a strong immune system. We go beyond regulatory standards, following FEDIAF guidelines for pet food safety. Trust IAMS for advanced nutrition backed by 75 years of experience.

Our Vision

At IAMS, we strive to develop tailored recipes with high animal protein content to address cats' and dogs' specific nutritional needs at every life stage and breed size. Our goal is to be the leading brand for advanced nutrition, delivering not only essential amino acids but also exceptional care for pets' health. Through collaborations with veterinarians and adherence to the highest quality standards, we provide premium pet food products that exceed expectations. 


Choose IAMS for advanced pet nutrition. With over 75 years of experience, we understand the natural needs of cats and dogs. Our high animal protein recipes prioritize essential amino acids for optimal health and well-being. Beyond regulatory standards, we voluntarily follow strict guidelines for quality and safety. Trust IAMS to provide the nutrition your pet deserves.


This is us

Long lasting experience

More than 75 years of experience combined with high standards

Tasty recipes

We understand the nutritional demands of your pet by feeding our 100% complete and balanced diets you offer your pet a delicious taste they will love containing all nutrients they need.

Top quality

Feeding IAMS means great variety and high quality to support a healthy and active life.

We understand the nutritional demands of your pet

Inspired by the nutritional needs of dogs and cats, our founder Paul F. Iams emphasized the importance of high-quality animal protein. This guiding principle shapes our tailored recipes and advanced nutrition, ensuring the well-being of pets for generations. At IAMS, we are committed to delivering nourishment that truly matters, with every recipe infused with premium animal protein and designed to cater to different life stages and breeds. Experience the IAMS difference and join us in providing nutrition that aligns with the innate needs of your animal companions.

Our History


Foundation of IAMS food company by Paul F. IAMS in Ohio, USA.


Launch of the first true IAMS product, IAMS 999. This dog food was an energy dense diet and used animal-based protein as the primary protein source.


Paul Iams continued his approach to producing the best nutrition, launching his breakthrough product IAMS Plus. This high protein formula began to capture the attention of passionate dog owners.


Based in Ohio, the company focused on the US market but started to export their products to Europe in 1984.


IAMS company is aquired by Procter & Gamble.


Further development of the food recipes: adult dog diets and our IAMS for Vitality Cat Dental recipe now incorporate DentaDefense, a benefit based on the inclusion of a mineral to help reduce tartar build up and launch of puppy diets with a proven beneficial level of the Omega 3 DHA.


IAMS is bought by Spectrum Brands Inc. which still owns the brand today. Staying true to the brands heritage of continuous innovation they launched IAMS Naturally with a product range with a number of natural ingredients and IAMS Delights, a wet food created with a variety of tastes and textures.


The recipes are reformulated with fresh chicken while the whole brand is refreshed and revitalised through the launch of IAMS for Vitality, an evolution of the current IAMS Proactive Health dry food range. This dry food formula is created to support 7 signs of healthy vitality for all cats and dogs.


Small face-lift of IAMS for Vitality packaging for better navigation and consumer orientation. The Delights family received a design update and is in line with the dry food assortment for Vitality.


In 2023, IAMS underwent a relaunch, prioritizing Advanced Nutrition. Our refreshed packaging design reflects our commitment to meeting shopper preferences and providing advanced nutrition solutions. We strive to understand consumer behaviour and deliver products that align with their values and meet their pets’ needs.