Kuře: Zdroj kompletních proteinů pro vaši kočku

Chicken is a key ingredient in IAMS Cat Foods. Its protein can help maintain healthy muscle structure and it naturally provides each of the amino acids essential to carnivorous animals. And chicken adds great taste. All our chicken ingredients come from animals passed as fit for human consumption.

What chicken ingredients are used in cat foods?

  • Common chicken ingredients include chicken, chicken meal and chicken fat.

  • Chicken is flesh and skin without internal organs or feathers.

  • Chicken meal includes flesh, skin and bone that have been cleaned, dried, cooked and ground.

  • Chicken fat, a high-quality energy source, provides essential fatty acids that help support skin and coat health.

What is natural chicken flavour?

Another common chicken-based ingredient is natural chicken flavour, also called chicken digest. Natural chicken flavour adds palatability and nutrients. It is high-quality protein and fat material that has been reduced to amino and fatty acids to improve taste through an enzymatic process.

The IAMS difference

Dried (meal) chicken protein sources contained in our chicken-based cat foods undergo an extra refining process to further improve protein quality and contain each of the amino acids that are essential to cats.

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